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Ft. Mims Massacre

Many of the fort’s defenders, however, were killed by Indians firing into the fort through loopholes behind the defender’s positions. The Creeks set fire to most of the fort’s buildings using flaming arrows. Many settlers, including numerous women and children were burned alive.

Some settlers died in the flames, but others were forced out and immediately killed by the warriors.

The Creeks apparently spared most of the slaves to serve them, but this reprieve was to be short lived. During the Battle of Horseshoe Bend,… the Indians vainly used these slaves as a human shield, but the attacking soldiers… quickly killed them. While the slaves were spared during the massacre, the Indians showed no mercy to the whites. By some accounts, the Creeks slaughtered the settlers including brutalizing women, some of whom were pregnant, and children. Some of the wounded and dead bodies were thrown into fires.

Many of the victims at Fort Mims were scalped before they were killed.

A warrior asked the woman if she was related to anyone in the fort. The woman pointed to the body of her brother and said I am the sister of that great man you have murdered there, whereupon the warrior knocked her down and mutilated her.

new_signExact casualty figures will never be known, but most authorities agree about 250 to 400 settlers and militiamen died at Fort Mims. A settler who returned to the grisly scene four days after the battle to search for his family reportedly saw about “250 dead bodies and the women in a situation shocking to behold or relate”. Many accounts state the death toll exceeded 500, but this apparently does not take into account the approximately 100 to 175 slaves who were captured by the Creeks, however, among the bodies were the remains of about 20 slaves. Additionally, a few white women and children may also have been taken prisoner.

Militia Major Kennedy commanded a detachment sent to the gruesome site to bury the dead three weeks after the massacre. The soldiers were horrified to find throngs of vultures and wild dogs, which had been attracted to the corpses. Major Kennedy reported he found and buried the bodies of 247 men, women and children. “Indians, Negroes, white men, women, and children lay in one promiscuous ruin”, wrote Kennedy. “All were scalped, and the females of every age, were butchered. ” – http://www.canerossi.us/ftmims/massacre.htm

The Indians have always fought each other, well before whites arrived in America. The story above is just one example of how offensive and savagely barbaric the Indians really were. It’s the stuff they don’t teach in school.

500 whites and mixed-blood people were murdered including women and children, and 250 scalps were collected by the Indians. The blacks were mostly spared as to become slaves to the Indians, (which were later used as human shields and all quickly killed).

Notice how they call the savage Indians the non-offensive word “warriors”, when “barbarians” is a perfect fit.


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  2. The Creeks only did a repeat of what the whites had done to them from the begining. Scalping for example started with the whites

    Comment by merle sapulpa | August 7, 2011 | Reply

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